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Welcome fellow crystal and energy healing name is Rachel and I have been an avid crystal lover and collector since childhood. I am excited to share my love for crystals and their energies as well as my knowledge with all of you. I am also honoured to offer reiki and crystal reiki services to those who might otherwise not be able to receive these benefits due to not having a local practitioner.

I have been practicing reiki since 2011 and am attuned to many modalities including Usui, Lightarian ™ , Kundalini, and Crystal (all at the master level). I have also received the Munai-ki Rites, Lightarian ™ AngelLinks and the Lightarian ™ Rays among other forms of training. I am a Certified Crystal Healer and graduate from the Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy.

My goal is to create a loving community space that imparts knowledge, creates space for healing, and provides an opportunity for people to purchase crystals and other various tools as they feel called to on their journey. I hope to add classes and expand on my current offerings in the future. Stay tuned and thanks for adding your positivity to this space!

Feel free to register your e-mail to say connected with any upcoming offerings that may arise.

Love, light, and crystals <3


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