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A little balance goes a long way...

Hi Everyone! I hope your summer treated you well. I know for me they are always a little too short and a little too hot but I'm still sad when it ends. This week we had the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. This is a day of balance and alignment when day and night are equal. It's a great chance to pause for a moment and see what in our lives, may need to be brought into balance and better alignment before heading into the holiday rush, short days, and colder weather. It was seen by ancient agrarian cultures as the last harvest festival before they settled in for winter - kind of like our Thanksgiving :)

As we head into the season of shorter days, take a moment to complete this balance reflection and adjust where needed. Remember, everyone is different and our needs are different as well. Also, don't forget to step outside and enjoy all this season has to offer - colourful leaves, apple cider, apple cider donuts, fall fairs and harvest festivals. Coming up next is Halloween, my favourite time of year <3

Enjoy 10% off for the month of October on all black and orange crystals. Also until October 15th, all crystals for balance will also be 10% off. Happy Fall everyone!!!

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