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What is Reiki?

So, she offers reiki sessions on her site...great! But what is this “reiki” anyway? Well, I’m glad you asked! Reiki is a form of energy healing with origins in Japan. The name is formed from 2 Japanese words – “Rei” which means Universal Life, and “Ki” which means Energy. It a form of alternative therapy where the practitioner has studied with a reiki master teacher and has gone through a series of attunements (like an initiation) to enable them to act as a channel for Universal Life Energy to flow through them. It is a serious commitment undertaken by the practitioner, who not only learns the technique of this art, but also undergoes a clearing and transformation of sorts during their learning phase. There is self-reflection, ego work, meditation, and self-healing that is undertaken to help the newly attuned practitioner become a clearer channel and remove themselves from the process.

Reiki is something that can be learned by anyone and taught to anyone. It is not a magical gift, nor is it a “power”. When practiced correctly the practitioner’s aim is solely to be a channel and not put themselves, their energies, their feelings or emotions into the session. There are also no religious associations with this practice.

Reiki can be used for a variety of issues ranging from physical to emotional and even spiritual. All you have to do is come with a focus for the session and trust in the process. Letting go is key to opening yourself to receive the energies that are flowing into your body to assist you in your healing process.

As with most therapies, there is a practical side and a point where you should always seek medical assistance. Reiki should not be used in emergency situations, such as a heart attack, broken bone, or serious illness as your only course of treatment. It works as a complementary therapy to Western medicine to help you heal fully. Intrigued yet? If so, schedule a session and check it out for yourself. The only thing holding you back is you!

Until next time - Love, Light and Crystals <3 Rachel

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